ÄGG - Game

Ägg is a black-and-white marble run coded in p5.js that tells the story of a rolling egg.

Noah Hielscher

Marsha Tasch

Isabell Kaletka

Devon Hoeltzli



At the outset, we had envisioned a theme centered around Asian cuisine, aiming to visually depict the process of preparing a dish through a marble run. However, we decided to abandon this idea as it would have required a significant focus on research."


Our marble rolls through a black-and-white illustrated world, creating a contrast with its color, which visually brings it to the foreground. To convey various moods more effectively despite the color reduction, we expanded the spectrum by introducing a subtle blue tint in certain areas.


In the implementation phase, we translated the stages from the ideation phase into a 16:9 format visually while simultaneously commencing the coding process. Here, we brought elements such as breaking boards, state transitions, push elements, magnets, and much more to life and seamlessly integrated them with our motion.

User Testing

After completing the track, we had the opportunity to conduct testing of our project with approximately 20 individuals. It emerged that there were minor issues with both the controls and certain sections, which we addressed to the best of our ability. A more significant problem was that our marble run was displayed distorted on some devices, making it difficult or even impossible to play.

On a positive note, it was observed that the testers overall had fun while playing. They were entertained and amused by our track, and were visually impressed as well.


Here is the link to our GitHub repository and GitHub Pages for playing the marble run.


For a smooth gameplay experience in your browser, we recommend using Safari. The game is played using the SpaceBar (Space key).


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