Sleep & Sport -

Interactive Table

We aim to create an interactive communication system for athletes. They can explore a topic-specific exhibition about sleep and sports, learning how optimizing their sleep can enhance their physical performance to become stronger and better athletes.

To provide users with the most interactive experience possible, we are developing an Interactive Table equipped with touch surfaces and a rotating object navigation feature. This allows users to gain individual insights into sleep and sports.

Course Description:

The course focuses on the design and development of an interactive application within the context of exhibitions, museums, or trade shows, making knowledge areas comprehensible."

Noah Hielscher

Svenja Stein

Anna Kornelson


Design Goal

For us, a crucial aspect of design is to present the scientific topic in an easily digestible yet authentic and professional manner. Our goal is to provide added value for individuals who wish to delve deeply into the subject, while also catering to those seeking a shorter interaction with our exhibit.

Ein Tisch mit vier 3D-Objekten auf der linken Seite und auf der rechten Seite ein 3D-Obejekt, welches gerade gescannt wird und weitere Informationen auf dem Screen anzeigen lassen

3D objects as navigation

On the left side of the screen, you'll find six distinct 3D objects crafted using Cinema4D. These objects represent various topics (Sleep, Training, Caffeine, Naps, Tracking, Alcohol) for user exploration. To access the relevant screens, simply grab your desired object and place it on the round platform on the right side. Beneath the 3D objects, we've integrated light sensors, which we process through Blokdots, ensuring instant recognition of the selected object and the display of the corresponding screens.

Sechs 3D-Objekte angeordnet in einem Kreis. Ein Ausschnitt aus dem Projekt:


To navigate through the individual subtopics, the object on the round platform needs to be rotated. The different subtopics are marked by segments arranged in a circle. Underneath the platform, an encoder is installed, which cycles through the individual subtopics as the object is turned.

Ein Encoder aus dem Projekt:


To add a touch of informality to the scientific nature of our exhibit and to provide users with a real-world context, we are incorporating a 3D avatar into our screens. This avatar will share anecdotes related to the relevant topics, which we create ourselves and have them narrated by Mark Meyer.



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