Top 100 Songs

Is there a recipe for success in the music industry?

In my data visualization "Top 100 Songs," I aim to establish a transparent data foundation from the music industry in recent years. By posing provocative questions such as "Is there a formula for success in the music industry?" I intend to engage the viewer and subsequently provide them with maximum control over the visualization and data processing. I am confident that my data visualization can offer insights and potentially even provide direct tips to song creators for their next hit.

Course Description:

Data visualization: Exploring form, color, and organizational principles to make connections within larger datasets visible. The result is a programmed, interactive prototype.

Noah Hielscher



"My detailed project implementation can be found in my documentation or in the code section on GitHub. After that, I'd like to take a look at interesting steps. Before we dive into my features, here's a short video showcasing my layout variations in the form of wireframes."

In addition to features like navigating through the menu bar or hovering over a circle to trigger a hover effect, as well as a simple click function to display the information, the following functions are particularly important to me.

Long Press

By long-pressing on a circle, a second card appears on the screen, allowing you to create a comparison between any two songs. This enables you to compare the precise values of two music tracks.

Double Click

With a simple double-click, you can obtain a selected choice of the desired genre, allowing you to focus on a genre and explore it through various questions and filter options.

Auto Play

In addition to a highly theoretical visualization, the practical and emotional aspects are particularly important to me in this topic. By clicking on the Map of Suffering, you can directly access YouTube to listen to the song.


An important and time-consuming step in my data visualization process is ensuring the performance of my animations. Jittery animations can detract from the viewer's enthusiasm. Therefore, I've opted to restructure the code and switch to the GreenSock library to ensure maximum animation performance.


All the ideas, precise execution, and processed data are reexamined in my documentation on my data visualization. For the documentation.



I'm always open for a conversation, connection, or job opportunity. Feel free to reach out to me anytime.